• Beethoven

    14 apartments, one per floor;
    Floor area of ​​230m²;
    Fitness and games rooms and events room;
    3 parking spaces, covered and open-air;
    Adult and children's pools, sauna.

  • Morada Rio Mar

    22 floors;
    Architectural reference of the city;
    Beautiful view of urban beaches and of the Potengi River;
    Has the largest hand-carved façade in Latin America;
    Large recreation area​​, comfort and safety.

  • Flora Boulevard

    Horizontal condominium near Ponta Negra beach;
    Plots from 450m²;
    Adult and children’s pools and playground;
    Multi-sports courts, tennis court and soccer field;
    Fitness center, events room and gourmet area.

  • Planos 100

    Innovative payment system with record sales;
    1st launch in 1994 Villaggio di Roma;
    363 units sold in less than a day;
    600 apartments built in 4 Villaggios;
    Landscaping by Benedito Abbud.

  • West Park

    Horizontal condominium, with large green area;
    Near shopping malls, supermarkets, schools and banks;
    Community and recreation space with almost 7,000 m²;
    Soccer fields, courts, barbecues, amphitheater;
    TV system and 24 hour security.

  • Metrópolis

    Located in the upmarket neighborhood of Candelária;
    Prime location;
    4 apartment towers;
    20 floors;
    Pleasant and landscaped large complex.

  • Quatro Estações

    Located in the upmarket neighborhood of Candelária;
    Apartments of 56m²;
    4 towers in excellent location;
    2 bedrooms, 1 ensuite;
    Landscaping, courts, swimming pools, fitness room.

  • Portinari

    Located in the upmarket area of Lagoa Nova;
    2 towers, 84 apartments;
    Apartments of 95m²;
    3 bedrooms, 1 ensuite;
    Swimming pools, courts, jogging track, fitness room.

  • Pablo Neruda

    Excellent location in the upmarket district of Tirol;
    18 apartments, one per floor;
    Private area: 186m²;
    3 bedrooms, 1 master ensuite;
    Swimming pool, events room, playground.

  • Flórida Gardens

    One of the largest sales successes of Ecocil;
    95.5% customer satisfaction with the apartment;
    15 floors, 4 apartments per floor;
    Private area: 60m²;
    2 bedrooms (1 ensuite) and landscaping project.

  • Sports Park

    4 towers, two apartments per floor;
    Private area of ​​100m²;
    semi-Olympic swimming pool, courts and green area;
    Skating bowl, gym, jogging track;
    Home theater, events and games rooms.

  • Porto Boulevard

    Horizontal condominium with 24 hour security;
    Easy access to South Zone beaches;
    Beautiful landscaping and extensive recreation area;
    Soccer field, events room and barbecue;
    Near schools, banks, shopping malls and supermarkets.

  • Tom Jobim

    Located in Petropolis, upmarket area of ​​Natal;
    208m² of private area;
    1 apartment per floor;
    Solar heated hot water in all of the four suites;
    Superstructure of comfort, safety and recreation.

  • Franz Schubert

    Pleasant view to the Morro Branco dunes;
    1 apartment per floor, 20 floors;
    238m² of floor area;
    Swimming pools, sauna, games and events room;
    Circuit TV security and guardhouse.

  • Johann Strauss

    Pleasant view of the Morro Branco dunes;
    1 apartment per floor, 4 ensuite bedrooms;
    Private area of ​​208m²;
    16 floors of high architectural quality;
    Swimming pools, night club, 3 parking spaces per apartment