• Machadão Stadium

    Soccer stadium;
    The largest sporting venue of Rio Grande Do Norte;
    Built between 1971 and 1972;
    Capacity: 50,000 people;
    Official name: Estádio João Cláudio de Vasconcelos Machado.

  • Frasqueirão Stadium

    Soccer stadium;
    The first to belong to a Rio Grande Do Norte club (ABC);
    Capacity: 20,000 people;
    Parking for 1,200 vehicles;
    Official name: Estádio Maria Lama Farache.

  • Igapó Bridge

    One of the main transit routes of Natal;
    Joins the North Zone to the city center;
    Built in 1988;
    Length: 606 meters;
    Is among the largest of reinforced concrete in Rio Grande Do Norte.

  • Arco do Sol

    Monument honoring the 400 years of Natal;
    Also celebrated 50 years of Ecocil;
    Made of steel;
    Important landmark of the city;
    Built in 2000.

  • Water Pipeline

    Covers the interior region of Angicos/Rio Grande Do Norte;
    Serves 8 cities and 19 rural communities;
    Benefits 40,000 inhabitants;
    In operation since 1998;
    Length: 204km.