Ecoville 2
A rare opportunity to live in a house with the security and leisure you always dreamed about.

Your happiness can be fulfilled: Ecocil is about to launch  Ecoville 2, an excellently located  gated community, located close to everything and with easy access in a region featuring complete infrastructure that is growing in size and value every day. The only undertaking in the region with lots starting at 200m² and two leisure areas. Ecoville 2 combines the advantages of living in total security, comfort and quality that you will not find in the metropolitan region. A safe investment with guaranteed return.

Ample space for you to enjoy with your family.

Instead of just one area of total convenience, Ecoville 2 boasts two: one at each end of the condominium.  In addition to greater convenience, you will always be near a leisure area, regardless of the location of your lot. The facilities include a multi-sport games court, sand volleyball, sand soccer field, outdoor gym, playgrounds, party room, adult and kiddie swimming pools, kiosks with barbecue, games room and fitness center. Healthier and happier.

Location, infrastructure, leisure, security and value. How about enjoying all this in just one place?

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About the enterprise

  • Outdoor gym
  • Multi-sport courts
  • Kiosks with barbecue
  • Sand volleyball court
  • Sand soccer field
  • Pools (adult, kiddie and wet deck)
  • Playgrounds
  • Party rooms
  • Games rooms
  • Fitness

Floor plans and Perspectives


property address

Rua Campo Alegre, Gleba 04, 900 Cajupiranga - Parnamirim/RN

close to...

  • IFRN
  • Petrol stations
  • Supermarkets
  • Drugstores
  • Caixa Economica bank
  • Cowboy city (Cidade do Vaqueiro).

work progress stage

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  • 2018